How are they made?

Kinky Claws are 3D printed in Polylactic Acid, (PLA). Plant sourced, safe to 3D print without ventilation, biodegradable PLA is naturally, bone coloured and translucent.

Scratch used Blender to develop the 3D design for the claws. Once printed on a conventional glue gun on an etch-a-sketch 3D printer, the claws are individually inspected and if possible, perfected. There is perhaps an 89% success rate overall.

Because of the printing process, Kinky Claws are porous. Due to this, they are not considered sterilisable.
Kinky Claws are designed to be pointy

If you get a set and they're too sharp for you, file, sand or cut the tips off. 
Claws are primal!

You can use your imagination to create the sensations you want. 

You can play with the different sensations you can feel and/or provide with claws! Kinky Claws or other claws, they all have different sensations.

You can explore sensation play with Kinky Claws! By softly raking a set of claw points over an eager body, you can enjoy the feeling of passion that comes with pleasing another animal. 

Late in 2015 I made a series of claws for friends in Australia. One of them sent me this photo of her set. Thank you again Jane!

Many changes later, I'm ready to run with my design. I still think this is the prettiest colour!

Here is part of that progression
Thank you for the suggestion to extend the back of the ring for better stability, Justin.

Please note: These claws are not suitable for breaking the skin.